Driving Loyalty

Customers are 58.8% more likely to purchase the same brand vehicle from you, if they service their current vehicle, for life, in your dealership*

  • The two greatest contributors to customer retention in a car dealership are service intervals of oil change and tire rotations.
  • 72% of customers are NOT loyal to brand or dealership if their current vehicle is serviced in the aftermarket *
  • Average vehicle age is 11.4 years old, and the “sweet spot” for service in between 6-12 years old *
  • Currently car dealers have 8% market share of the replacement tire industry. 92% of your customers are purchasing tires and having rotations done elsewhere+
  • Tire brand is rarely the determining factor in consumers purchase habits. Recommendation of the advisor most important. >
  • Consumers in 2012 were 65% more likely to buy tires the same day than 2011. >

* Polk Data
+ Tire Review & TIA industry Source data
> Google "the new path to tire purchase"